Delta Aerodactyl

Back Sprite:

( Shiny on Bottom)
Normal: Ability:Pressure (HA) :Telepathy
Mega: Ability: Telepathy
This is slightly inspired by am321ab, but i feel like its different enough to count as its own thing.
Dex: This Delta inhabits the Distortion world, It said this Pokemon is the minion of Girantina and carry out its bidding in the real world.
Mega Dex: This Is the most vicious mega ever known it can rip through dimensions with the power of its rage alone
Giratina was able to pull a fossil of an aerodactyl into the distortion world and used that to create an army of these little ghostly demons.
I sort of thought you’d encounter them the same way girantina appears. it comes out of a random portal in an ancient temple (Torrens full of those) and you get to fight it.
Possible moves
Smokes screen
Shadow Force
Shadow Fang( A special move that is like crunch but ghost type)
Dragon Claw
Scary Face
Shadow Sneak


I love the idea of it being Giratinas minion. Nice work.

I like it,pls make a mega of this

Now updatred with megas The lord of satans army

These look awesome! The shiny version of the mega looks more like giratna’s minions

That was the idea

Its normal version looks like a demon’s pet

nope it is a demon

love the concept but it needs more highlights

Looks pretty good

As a lover of the Delta Pokemon, I approve of this design. I want it so badly!

I Really like it…