Delta Absol

Hey there, guys!

I’ve had a lot of fun during Dank’s game day last weekend. One of the games was to create a duel fire/? type of your choice. I made a Delta Absol which is Fire/Flying. After the contest was over, I decided to clean it up and submit it. Hope you enjoy:



Absol’s abilities would be: Flame Body, Defiant, Tough Claws (HA).

Mega Absol: No Guard.

Enjoy :smiley: ~Serenity


I think normal absols flame on its head should be a little bigger. For the rest, i like this a lot!!!

This looks dope as hell,only thing I would say is Absol being pure fire and Mega being Fire/Flying because the mega has wings and the normal doesn’t Edit:Just saw the foldback wings on normal Absol,derp

What an amazing concept. I love the design of it. Though regular Delta Absol’s head kinda reminds me of Knuckles the Echidna. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what everyone keeps telling me. I guess it’s just how I happened to design it? xP

I thought I was the only one!!!

This is so majestic and well done! Congratulations on the FANTASTIC work!!

Thank you!

Definitely one of my favorite deltas

Dude, don’t necro posts (necro-ing when you receive an old post by replying).