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Delta Absol (no sprite)

The only reason I’m doing this is because I think Absol needs more love.

Delta Absol
Fairy/Dark type
Ability: *Hobgoblin, Justified (HA)
Dex entry: Unlike it’s counterpart, Delta Absol seemed like a very nice Pokémon to the people of old, only for someone to see it feeding upon the flesh of a child

*Hobgoblin gives a +1 speed boost after having its stats raised, unless it is a speed boosting move like Shell Smash

Mega Delta Absol
Fairy/Dark type
Ability: Hobgoblin

The inspiration is that goblins count as fairies and fairies can be a whole lot scarier than you think.

Is it too dark? That was the theme that I went for, after all.


Remember what fangame you are talking to: Never to dark