Delta Abomasnow Line V2

I’ve already made a thread which is just “Delta Abomasnow Line” and I made that shit like june 16th and i couldn’t find an edit button or its just bc i’m 2 tired to find it idc
Delta: Ground

I’m re-posting this bc I’ve made heavy changes and if u want u can go find my original topic (I think I messed up the left hand if any1 wants they can fix it 4 me or just tell me a better way)
Mega: Ground Fire/Ground
I can’t decide which i want to be the mega or I could use both using an ability that changes his type idk

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Plz help

How? What do you want? I can’t sprite so…

Any thing that you can see that I fucked up on?

Im not sure but I think Snover’s right ear (on the left when you look at it) looks kinda off…

What do u think? (i fixed it)

Yeah it’s good

Rly? thx bro