Deleted game save recoverable?

i recently deleted my game save while it was on a usb so there is no data in my old computer or the computer i have now moved too, i checked save games and cant see the file does this mean im screwed?.. :frowning:

The game should automatically make backups of your last 3 saves. You can just rename the backup file to the name of the main file and it should work.

i went to load it up and there is no save files, i dont know my playthrough save file its deleted

Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you know what noob is talking about when he’s talking about the backups?

Have you tried Save_1, Save_2, and Save_3?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ignore me not sure how backups work on windows.

Just to clarify, you only deleted them from the USB and not from your computer? If you cut&paste instead of copy&paste, and then you’re best bet is to start a new game, save a couple of times on the old computer and then try restoring previous version of the saves, it’s unlikely but it’s the best you can try. If that doesn’t work, your saves are gone, sorry :frowning:

unfortunately yeah i deleted off the computer as well :frowning: