Deep Mantle (Spoiler)

So,Im on a quest to get Heatran or the other legendary whose name escapes me. And I’ve reached the Deep Mantle,I have Tesseract whit e mist thing. And a Manaphy Statue to Heart Swap. So…when I go to the past,what do I do with the statue exactly? It doesnt seem to take me anywhere. Is the room a dead end?

You need to move the Manaphy Statue so that it blocks the lava flow when you go back to the present.

Thank you. I was so dumb like ‘Why am I taking this iwth me?’ xD

The manaphy statue keeps disappearing???

Samosa. Do you need help in this part?

It goes invisible, which is a bug, but you can still swap with it.

Yeah sorry, i keep placing it underneath where the waterfall is but it disapears when i come back to the present and i cant use heart swap

It looks invisible because aparently there is no sprite for the rusted Manaphy statue. As previously said, it was supposed to just block the lava waterfall so you could pass by foot.

Also pro tip. Dont do the Murk Forest spider mission. You’ll probably get stuck by a bug…like me

What bug? I already completed it and didn’t encounter any.

After I kill the 6th Ariados,the camera goes to the left and just stops. All I can do is press M to fast forward,but nothing comes

Are you using 1.2.2?

yes,I am

I do, the statue does not stop the flow for me. Where do I put it? Is there a specific tile?

I believe so. All i can say. Experiment til you find the right tile. I cant help anymore since im stuck in a bug until the next patch

Also if you’re still stuck on the Spider Metagross bug you can soft reset the game and don’t use fast forward to complete the mission. You’ll be able to catch the Delta and complete the mission.

Are u stuck because your screen went south into the trees

How do I solf reset and since i have autosave my game is stuck on the glitch

Soft reset is f12.

thx :smiley:

Doesnt work the soft reset