Deep Mantle after Magma Stone

I find Heatran and Volcanion in a double battle. I know that I have to kill one (and then in catch him later). Which one would you recommend me to catch? Because Volcanion knows explosion!!! :frowning:

Get volcaneon now rather than later.

hmm okay but he has explosion, how should I deal with that? I thought about throwing him snore ball or T-wave just to keep him busy hahaha

Have a damp pokemon, although I guess it’s too late. I guess go with heatran since you can’t prepare more

what do you mean with a damp pokemon?

A pokemon with the damp ability, which makes it so pokemon can’t self destruct or explode

my team is D. Charizard/Thundurus/Mew/Lucario/Feraligatr/Charizard

ah okay, I think I dont have anyone of with that ability, so I think I should take Heatran and then Volcanion…

I caught Volcanion at the end. He just get paraz all time and doing Hydro Pump, Overheat and Body Slam… So lucky!