Dear God

Oh dear god.


Why am I subjected to suffering like this? Turns out, I’m just cursed everywhere. What I thought was the worst possible outcome last time, has been left in the dust.

“Saving”. Today, “Saving” is a popular video game term. Let’s look at the verb “Saving”. The first result for the definition of saving is “keep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger.” This surprisingly isn’t different from today’s video game term.
“(someone or something)” is now our data A.K.A, everything we did. “Everything we did”, could be summed up as life. Life displayed on a screen, kept packed in a file.

Luckily, saving is something we do in video games more than once. So the loss of even just one thing feels excruciating. What about more than one thing? Not the whole save file, just a very challenging part of it. That experience is what I just felt.

Section of the game: POST-GAME

So I had just finished with the battle frontier. Couldn’t pull off a streak. Next off? I had to catch up on Meloetta puzzles. I hadn’t been doing them in the main-game for I was saving them for later. But I forgot!
I had to complete the Taen Quest! Back and forth across Torren, scavenge for some bonus snowballs and eventually, we confront Taen at the Dragon Ruins. We win and get Zygarde for stopping its rampage. Now I’m left with 3 legendaries and the Zygarde Cube. Pretty good! Now was finally the time for the Meloetta puzzles. First few, fun and challenging. Then came the Nasca Town puzzle. Thirty-two pieces is a hard number to manage. Got stuck on two full tiles, but we ended up with success. Three more puzzles.

One thing Insurgence prides itself on is its lack of generosity. Not only in battles but also its puzzles. I was first reminded of this by the Ancient Tower “puzzle”. First, it was a puzzle, then it became a reaction speed and precision test. I managed to get through, however. Then comes the almost infamous Meloetta puzzles. Bad RNG can make the puzzles last a good hour. For example, Fiery Cavern’s puzzle. I won’t lie, I was using a Meloetta puzzle guide. A key to the Firey Cavern puzzle was simple good RNG. I had that key and was able to complete the puzzle in 2 resets. It would then strike that RNG was going to have to be more than a key.
The Void Gauntlet puzzle, straight from the guide, was said to be the hardest type of puzzle you’ll have to solve. When I first went through the gauntlet to save Nora, my audio was glitched and I couldn’t hear anything. I assumed there would be a lifting melody with determination during the mission. So going back and hearing the surprisingly tranquil music, was terrifying. For I have heard countless stories of mercilessly hard tasks, having the most calming music. As if they knew you had to keep your cool as you’re met with failure after failure after failure again. So, why was the puzzle here supposedly difficult?
Again, you just need to rely on RNG. I looked back at the guide again, which didn’t help as I learned that you could convert the data into a chart as a last-ditch effort. It made me remember the shiny hunting method in Sword and Shield with the raid dens. Where you would put the data onto a website, it would calculate how many days to skip until the pokemon that appears is shiny. At that moment when I opened up the puzzle itself, I was prepared to suffer. Fortunately, that despair was cut short. In 3 resets, I got through. I took a screenshot of my victory and left the gauntlet. One more puzzle left! I made a quick stop to restock and then it was time to get Meloetta!

Hastily looking at the next puzzle location, all that excitement turned to dust. When I tried to minimize my screen I ended up closing the game. Three familiar horsemen of the exact same order interrupted. Shock, Fear, and then the cringeworthy anger. I opened up the save file finally and found myself right back at the Battle Frontier. The realization of what exactly I had to redo came right after. The Taen Quest was one, but the other? I had to redo that godsend RNG. It was like losing a shiny pokemon. After some contemplation, I tried to get back up to my feet. Maybe the same thing will happen? Eventually, I’d complete the puzzle, right? As much as I tried, there’s a threshold on how deep you can get so you can gather the strength to start heading back up. At this level of loss, I was way past rock bottom. Somewhere below, devoid of hope. Only one thing crossed my mind, leaving. I quit the game and left to contemplate more deeply. One thing I thought of was a break. Slowly and slowly gathering up the strength to redo the Taen Quest and the… RNG. The RNG. Random Number Generation. Could I really redo my save and the results are the same? As I write this? I don’t know. I’ll gather up strength. And hey, it seems to be working. Compare this contemplation to the anger that started this rant. Goodbye.


That ain’t much lmao
I got to the League on my emulator, never saved, and my pc ran outta battery, and I lost all my progress.

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I still feel tho. It does suck.

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Rest In Peace.

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