Daydays Ev and Iv shop

Trading Name:Dayday

Offer: 2-3 ev and iv mons most likely HA,nature and egg moves added!

Request: shinies

Further info:Im trying to make a shiny box so any shiny will do.Since it takes time to ev train and all any requests will be done on the weekends or in my free time.Obviously you can offer on the weekdays and Ill make a list.First come first serve is how I will be taking orders.Hurry go and get your shinies

What’s the rate of things per shiny?

Guess I should add that do you think 2-3 is reasonable?

If you are willing to get the best nature, moves, EV trained, perfect IVs, and HA, then 2-3 is fine

Ok well that might take a while but its worth it.


for two pokemon iv max and ev max entrenados
for tw

Just a question how much time does it take for you to get shinies?I want to hunt them too

iv stone or need?

Im asking for shines.But could you answer my question?

some time achieved with other gifted

Do you know how long it takes on the regular?

there is a regular time is a matter of luck and spend time

So do you just have your brother play with you right next to you and them trade them over?

riend I think they do not understand why I have these shinys if occupied something … would not need your help or something I think it may sound a little envy from some adj

play a game like this and cheating makes no sense

Ok ok i get it but ive never said you cheated but due to suspicion going on im going to have to refuse and offers from you.

no problem friend enjoy the game and not think that way people

Im just going over the information given.

Dude wtf don’t hi jack someone else’s thread