Daycare puzzle

So there is this scientist near the daycare in postgame who allows me to test their beta experiment but it requires the name of original species which i dont seem to recall. i have tried noibat/noivern with no luck this far. someone please help me.


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delta ditto is the same as ditto, right? i mean in terms of breeding delta?

It breeds deltas the same way ditto breeds with normal pokes. It’s also interesting to battle with.

any item that helps in breeding? and where to get it?

Oval charm in Black market, everstone in Helios Department store, and Shiny charm from completing the Dex. That’s all I can think of from the top of my head.

so delta ditto and normal pokemon not compatible?

Correct, I’m pretty sure.

nope, you are incorrect im afraid. i tried breeding manaphy with delta ditto and got phione.

that will be cool if u got a delta phione