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Damp ability not working as intended


This is my first post here as I´ve just started playing Insurgence a few weeks ago, and so far I`ve been very pleased with this great project. However just now I have encountered what I can only asssume is a bug. After taking about 2 hours to catch Genesect I decided to catch a Jellicent, which I planned to make use of in my battle with Volcaniion. Jellicent has the hidden ability “damp” which should prevent any pokemon from using moves such as explosion, which Volcanion likes to use to avoid being captured. However, when Jellicent is out it does absolutely nothing to prevent self destruction. I have used ability capsules on it which did not impact the result I got. Neither did using a different Jelllicent. Has someone else experienced a similar phenomenon? In case you did, how did you resolve it?