Damian's call

Hello :smiley: I cured Damian and now i’m supposed to wait for his call to go to the Abysall Cult Base but he’s not calling. What should I do?

Have you finished the Groudon sidequest yet?

This one with a lot of lava and Heatran&Volcanion? Yes Edit. I caught Groudon but haven’t searched for Heatran and Volcanion yet.

Okay. Um,make sure that Heatran and Volcanion aren’t still looking to kill each other in the base near that giant lava waterfall and then return the Magma Stone to the guy in the green hat at border between Deyraan Town and Rose Crater. I believe handing him the stone may also be required to set the flag for Damian to call you. If it isn’t the only thing I can think of is to run around more.

Okay, I’ll give it a try. I hope it works

Edit: I’ve found the way and there is neither Heatran nor Volcanion. I don’t see the Magma Stone in my inventory tho. Moreover the only guy in the green hat in that place between Crater and Deyraan Town wanted to battle before and now he only says: “Whoops I tried to show you”. I caught Heatran, Groudon and Volcanion

Any ideas?

The Magma Stone disappears from your inventory after you give it back to the guy; it’s not in my inventory either. If the only person that you’re able find is that trainer then you must have already completed everything there. As I’m assuming that you’ve already done the Holon and Taen quests since you’ve already healed Damian, the only other thing I can think of to do is to fight Reukra for the last time as I don’t think that the E4 rematches trigger the event to start.

What do You mean by “Holon Quest”?

The sidequest that takes place in the Holon region which ends after battling Professor Maple.