D. Volcarona moveset

Anyone know a good moveset for D. Volcarona?

D. Volcarona
Life Orb/D. Volcarona Armor
252 SpA/6 SpD/252 Spd

Dark Pulse
Aura Sphere
Sludge Wave
Roost/Fire Blast

Note: Absolution needs to be used in conjunction with a New Moon setter.
Note 2: It is also possible to run a bulky pivot set, using Bold/Timid nature and D. Volcarona Armor, as well as a moveset of something like Dark Pulse/Roost/Toxic Spikes/Whirwind. Just depends on what you want it to do on your team.

Thank you

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I don’t like your set. If you invest 252 SpD, why don’t you put them on HP and indirectly increase both of your defences? And why Timid when you don’t boost speed?

I personally prefer having 4 Hp / 252 SpA / 252 Spe with Timid.

I think they might have mixed up the abbreviations for SpD and Spe

been there done that

Yep, kinda rusty on the shorthand and hadn’t realized Spd and SpD could get kinda confusing. My bad.