D. Squirtle and Bulbasaur

Trading Name: Luna_Moon

Offer: Anything I have

Request: D. Squirtle and D. Bulbasaur

Further info: I can offer anything from either this trade name or my other one, the other one is Post-game. So just ask and I might have it.

i can give you those, would prefer a couple iv stones if possible but if you don’t have its iight

I have 1 IV Stone. I just checked my bag.

sounds good homie just taking a sec to hatch d-squirtle

ready to go

Alright, give me a second. After we do this, I’ll have to get on my other file to toss the IV stone your way.

All good homie lemme know when you are.

What is your trade name?

actually either that or delta beldum (ruin) either would be fine, my trade name is matsilva

I do have a ruin gross on my other file I could breed for you.

On your go.

that’d be dope actually, just lemme know when you’d be ready with that. But I can trade you the delta’s now for it if you’re already on the other acc.

After we trade here, I’ll hop on my other one, breed you the Ruin Beldum and trade it with the IV stone

All good ^^

I don’t know why it’s not letting me do anything when the trade screen pops up.

same with me thats why im trying to reset it a couple times as well

Is the second trade not working for you yet?

No. Let me try again.

Hmm, odd why it’s being so difficult.

try once again. I should be ready by the time you’re seeing this.