D. Charizardite

Trading Name: FireFiber733339

Offer: Iv Stone

Request: D. Charizardite

Further info: Need one ASAP. Will appreciate if can do the trade by 6 pm et in USA today.

An IV Stone is not worth a D.Charizardite


Then what is?

Another mega stone that is 1 per save or another shiny

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What do you mean? You can get starter mega stones from battle frontier.

You can only buy it once

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You cant buy mega stones anymore

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Oh. Ok

Hey when do u want it tell me if you do I go tmultiple save files :smiley:

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It says ur username is invalid

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Really? Thanks a lot. I will be available at 11 am et. Will you accept the iv stone?

Just gimme ur ID

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I don’t want gifts tbh

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Id is FireFiber733339

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