Custom Window Skins Pack

Hello fellow Pokemon fans :slight_smile:

I have been playing Pokemon Insurgence since the Fall of last year, and it is everything that I could ever dream of being the perfect and ultimate Pokemon game! And while the general graphics and sprites of the game look tremendously good, one of the things in the game that personally felt just like a complete eye sore were the default window frames. If I am not mistaken, these are the same or similar window frames that were used in the Gen-3 Pokemon games, and they just look… meh.

So, I set off to see if I could make my own window skins to be able to use, and share with everyone else. And as of right now, I have a full pack of custom-made windows skins for every slot in the game! It includes:

  • 9 different recolors of the “normal” default window frame
  • 15 Type-themed window frames
  • 4 Ball-themed window frames
  • 24 speech frames of the same nature (does not include Ball-themed frames, there was not enough room for them)


Unfortunately, these are still a WIP :frowning: as there are still issues with certain patterns of certain frames not being replicated seamlessly when windows are drawn in-game (and is difficult to fix as different sized windows are drawn in-game).

But if you guys want to try them out, you can download them from my Google Drive here

Any feedback and suggestions is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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SOOO COOOL I am bad at like editing and stuff so i appreciate what you did im gonna use them for sure xD