Custom Team Wallpapers - Taking Requests

So about six months ago, I put this image together of my team as a fun side project after making it through 1.1. I’d been picking names to fit with an evil theme, and I remembered someone making something like that for the first season of Twitch Plays Pokemon, so I put one together myself for Insurgence.

I found the pic cleaning out my images folder, and figured I could make a few more like it, so if you want a free wallpaper of your team, let me know below. I’ll pick the themes and teams I think are the most interesting, and get you back a wallpaper in whatever resolution you want.

What I need from you:

  • Each of your pokemon. Let me know if you want them shiny or in a mega form.
  • Their actual names.
  • Their nicknames. The more the whole group is themed, the more interested I’ll be.
  • The resolution you want your wallpaper at. I might be willing to do a phone wallpaper too, if you’d prefer that over a desktop wallpaper.
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That actually looks pretty neat. I don’t really have a team on Insurgence but I do have one that I use often on the battle sim, no nicknames or themes at all so I’ll get to you on that if I do decide haha

This is my insurgence team, in a nuzlocke (which is why they’re all nicknamed after the periodic table):

Phosphorus: Typhlosion, in mega form please

Fluorine: Delta muk

Argon: Shiftry, in mega form please

Strontium: Shiny Drapion

Cobalt: Crawdaunt

Silver: Eelectross

Thank you in advance!

My Insurgence team, in case you’re interested: Greygnarl the Delta Charizard, Lambert the Delta Roserade, Pudding the Delta Snorlax, Pride the Empoleon, Layton the Delphox, and Cleaver the Delta Scizor.

If you do make one for my team, I would like the wallpaper to be 1024x768, please! Thank you if you do decide to make a wallpaper for my team!

If possible, could you create: -Garchomp(Malakian) -Delta Bisharp(Slash) -Delta Charizard (Bellamy) -Typhlosion(Van Halen) -Reuniclus(Clapton) -Delta Gardevoir (Dalle) Thanks, if you can. If you aren’t able to(due to other requests) then I understand. Here is a pic to my team. There isn’t too much of a theme though, half the team is based of Death Note. If you do decide to do it can you do 1280x960 or just anything in that ratio please. Thank you

Swampert nickname is Rock xD

This is awsome man. Ill probably make my own but id like to see your results. The rejected experiment (Mega delta charizard) Hephestus The traded soul (Delta Scizor) Neptune The abandoned son (delta gallade) Shock Blade The Lost infant (delta bisharp) Apollo The armoured mercenary (armoured flygon) Dragon eyes The ancient dragon (delta avaulgg) King Dodongo

Interested to see the results.



First of all these look awesome. Not sure if you’re still taking requests but I would love one ^^
Would like it for a pc wallpaper.

Are you still accepting requests? If you do here’s mine (I prefer a phone wallpaper):

Swampert/Non mega/Sato;
Staraptor/Non mega/Steven;
Luxray/Non mega/Chen;
Charizard/Mega X/Blaze;

These names have no theme but these are the names when I first used them and they were dominating the game. It really brings back memories

Can I get a phone wallpaper Heres my team: Flygon-FLy Mega d.charizard-Ghost Greninja-Tobi Goodra-Gooku D.noivern-BoomBoxx D.Scyther-Ice

Thanks in advance

Edit:if you haven’t started could you switch d.noivern for d.bisharp-skyrim

Can I get one desktop wallpaper? My Team is: The Queen-Nidoqueen Maroghost- Marowak Steam- Vaporeon Static- Magnezone Digital- Porygon Z Eon- Mega Eevee Shiny

My team…

Terra- Delta Muk

Minerva- Delta Vespiquen

Lucius- Delta Charizard (Mega)

Atlas- Delta Scizor (Mega)

Vulcan- Magnazone

Iris- Gardivoir

My team is…


There are no Shinies and There is a mega Diancie and Gigantamax Alcremie. It is for a desktop wallpaper maybe 1600x900 res

@Kyfir Don’t necro, and i’m pretty sure the artwork is only for Pokemon insurgence, not mainstream games so there wouldn’t be a Gigantamax Alcremie

My Insurgence Team
Mega Gyarados (Ao Kuang)
Claydol (Geb)
Shiny Delta Trevenant (Shiunboku)
Shiny Delta Sableye (Stitch)
Delta Typhlosion (Olympus)
Mega Salamence (Tiamat)
Resolution: 1920x1080