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Custom Ponytail hairstyle :>

So since i really didn’t like the hair styles we had I edited one of them to my liking and wanted to share it here for you people to use. The only thing that I didn’t edit yet was the trainer car ID, but if you’re interested, here you go:

Overworld walk/run

Trainerback clothes

Trainerback hair


Also edited the trainerback cause I found the face a bit weird, go ahead and use it to your liking :slight_smile: If needed I can make other color options c:



Really nice! That coat is my fave.

I just changed it up a tad, it’s still MOSTLY the original(just some anatomy fixes- i didn’t like the MONSTROUS boobs- and details here n there) Glad you like it!

The overworld walk/run and face sprites arent available