Custom Move Modifier

Add bonus modifiers to the custom moves (limit one modifier per move)


  • Boost one of user's stats by one stage
  • Lower one of the opponent's stats by one stage
  • Life-steal (like Absorb or Drain Punch)
  • Sound-based (avoids Substitutes)
  • Status effect depending on the type (Fire-type -> Burn, Electric-type -> Paralysis, Poison-type -> Poison, Ice-type -> Freeze, Dark-type -> Chance of Flinch, Ghost/Psychic-type -> Confusion)
  • Clears entry hazards (like Rapid Spin or Defog)
  • Ignore type-based immunities (Normal/Fighting can hit Ghost, Psychic can hit Dark, etc) but not ability-based immunities (not Grass hitting Sap Sipper, Ground hitting Levitate, etc)
  • Allows switching mid-turn (like U-Turn or Volt Switch)
  • Causes the opponent to switch out (like Dragon Tail)
  • Increased damage, but causes recoil (like Take Down), needs to charge (like Solar Beam), needs to recharge (like Hyper Beam), or has lower priority (like Vital Throw)
  • Increased priority (like Quick Attack)
  • Trapping effect (like Sand Tomb or Whirlpool)
  • Increased damage when you have more health (like Water Spout/Eruption) or stat differences (speed with Gyro Ball, weight with Grass Knot)
  • Hits multiple pokemon in Double Battles
  • Additional Super-Effective damage (like Freeze Dry)
  • Deals less damage, but hits multiple times (like Icicle Spear) or is a guaranteed crit (like Frost Breath)

I like this idea. Would make it more interesting to make custom moves.

A good balance for this could be expensive or cost a rare item as some of these are wayyyyyy to OP to just be free.

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Since you can’t use custom moves online, I think it would be relatively balanced in the main campaign.

But imagine Boss Fights they will not be as difficult as the developers intend to be if you’re just spamming a move that does 60 base damage as raising your attack each time. (etc.) I mean why try to breed egg moves when you can just get a good move for free? Having something to work for has a bigger payoff don’t you think? :wink:

I had an idea similar to this one and I think it’s a good idea.

I think this could be balanced out by having each modifier come with a drawback, as well as limiting what modifiers are available and only allowing one modifier at a time - for example, if I choose increased priority, the move’s base damage should go down. I also thing stronger modifiers like raising your attack each time shouldn’t be included - the OP’s list seems like a reasonable bunch of modifiers.