Custom Move Creativity

When I first talked to the NPC that tells you about custom moves in the black market, I got really excited. But when I got there I discovered a lackluster type changing standard. It would be cool if it was in the format of a move creator. Say the person creating a move starts out with 120 Move Points (MP), and a move that does 0 damage with 50% accuracy. It can be whatever type they desire. Then they can spend those move points for accuracy and other things. 10% Accuracy would be 10 MP, or alternatively, they could spend 60MP for a move that never misses, a la aerial ace. Or maybe 30 MP for a priority move. There are other things, such as statuses, life-drain, switching out your opponents’ pokemon, and multi-hitting, but I’m not sure how difficult that’d be to program.

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I think the ability to make a move more customizable to fit every play style would be great.

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I sense a skyrim/morrowind enchanting/spell making menu is the basis for this suggestion, fun but not what i was looking for in custom moves. My suggestion is to have 3 available types of custom moves. This would be better in my opinion. Currently if you teach custom move to 2 pokemon, changing the type of the move will affect all pokemon with the custom move to have the same attack type. Also why does the custom move have to be a physical move. In short, Can you make an option to allow one Independant physical attack and one Independant special attack custom move?