Custom Delta Pokemon Request

I was wondering if anyone could make a usable in-game Delta of either Eevee or Shaymin for me. Shaymin would probably be easier. I have a custom fakemon that’s a basically a combination of Eevee and Shaymin, where sky forme is Eevee and Leafeon, and it’d be cool to be able to have it in game. I called them Grace Forme and Normal Forme. I’m not sure what the types should be so I’m open to suggestion.
Shay%20-%20Normal%20Forme Shay%20-%20Grace%20Forme

(side note, it would be great if it could replace the starter Eevee but I don’t think that’s as easy to do)

im sorry i do not have a way to do this but i have a question

it’s okay, it was kind of a long shot but I figured I’d ask :slight_smile:

maybe somebody around here can but i haven’t seen anybody that can create textures but you can switch the shiny textures around to have your evee shiny but thats all i know but great job on the fakemon art

Ah I can’t take credit for the spriting, they were done by Cyrecri on deviant art ( and yeah I figured swapping out sprites would be a piece of cake :slight_smile:

what part are you at in the game so far

ah I just started actually :open_mouth:

ah no wonder you wanted the sprite swap but you can keep searching and you may be able to find someone that can