Current team for elite four battle

Volcarona, Delta pidgeot and scolipede are a bit underleveled since I just switched them in recently

Can you show me their movesets , natures and items?

Delta Gardevoir: serious nature, calm mind, ice beam, thunderbolt and permafrost, delta gardevorite

Volcarona: adamant nature, bug buzz, bug bite, double edge and flame wheel, lucky egg (items and moveset will probably change once I get her to a high enough level)

Wash rotom: lonely nature, will o wisp, dark matter, discharge, hydro pump

Delta pidgeot: modest nature, dragon dance, dark pulse, outrage, glare, delta pidgeotite

Lucario: docile nature, calm mind, aura sphere, close combat, extreme speed, choice scarf

Scolipede: brave nature, toxic, venoshock, steamroller, rock climb

You should level up everyone up to 105 before trying!

alright sooo, a lot of things that could improve with your movesets, so here I go
and before I start here are a few things to keep in mind

-I’m kinda dumb
-You only want to use 1 mega, as it frees up an item choice
-you normally want to go with one side of the physical/special side with both bulk and offense, because having to spread your EVs so much hinders your KO abilities, even with life orb
-make sure you level up your pokemon

alright, now a few paragraphs
D. Gard: mostly fine except I’d get rid of permafrost with a move like focus blast. to help with trainers like Yuri

Volcarona: Alright so Volc isn’t a bad mon, just the move set. so I’d scrap your volc, or if you want to keep it it’s fine, just know it won’t be doing as much dmg as it should. Here is kind of a sample set if you would like yo use it

volcarona Leftovers Modest/timid nature 252 hp/252 spe 252 spa 4 def

  • quiver dance
  • fiery dance/flamethrower/heatwave
  • bug buzz
  • psychic/roost/giga drain

Rotom wash: fantasic mon imo and I don’t think it needs many changes, except, get rid of dark matter for volt switch to keep momentum or painsplit and get rid of discharge for T bolt or volt switch

Delta Pidgeot: it’s a bad mon imo, though you could use it’s mega rather than D. Gard as I would recommend it. so I would get rid of Dragon dance, outrage and replace them with dragon pulse and heat wave/sludge bomb/ roost

Lucario: kind of confused here, but I’ll try my best. so you want to go for one side always and I have 2 ideas. if you want to go physical you can go:

  • Swords dance
  • extreme speed/or other physical coverage
  • close combat/drain punch
  • meteor mash

if you want special you can go specs or life orb with

  • calm mind/nasty plot/ different coverage move like psychic
  • aura sphere/ focus blast
  • flash cannon
  • shadow ball/ dragon pulse/ another hard hitting special move you like

Scolipede: not entirely sure why you gave is these moves but it:s fine.
so I feel you should straight replace it, it has such a bad nature. You can still keep it but, I wouldn’t.

here is a banded set

  • megahorn
  • poison jab
  • earthquake
  • superpower

also a sub dance set

life orb/ berry

  • substitute/ earth quake for steels
  • swords dance
  • mega horn
  • poison jab

so that’s it bruh, if you have any questions feel free to ask ^^

Alright much thanks, any recommendations for the replacements?

I’d get rid of maybe scolipede for delta hydreigon, but scolipede is fine if you don’t want to change it