Current team and accessing dawn stone

Hey all first post here. I’m currently grinding up for the second gym and loving this game so far. my current team is as follows:

Delta Kirlia (male)
Delta Venusaur
Marowak w/ thick club

They’re all level 32-35 at the moment, I’m feeling like I need to get a grass type in here at some point. I’m not set on this team for the entire game and definitely will be making changes. The ones I want to keep for sure are my starter venusaur, tyrunt because he’s awesome, and the delta kirlia. Is it true the earliest I can get a dawn stone is Helios City? Any recommendations for replacements for my team that aren’t super late game? Any fan favorites I should keep my eye out for? Thanks!

A common one that people tend to go for is Delta Haxorus, might be a bit late from me, but eh. It is an offensive Water/Steel type with Swords Dance. Prior evolutions are pure water.