Crystal pieces

so the wiki says the crystal pieces are for arceus giratina and regigigas but that would leave me with a spare or 2 so is there any other pokemon that benefit from the crystal pieces?

you should only have 3 crystal pieces

i have four

probably a glitch, regardless there’s only 3 mons you can use them on

also just to note that the crystal fragment is different from the crystal pieces in case thats what youre referring to

there are crystal fragments? good to know so do you think having four might cause any sort of game breaking bug? also can you take a look at my post about a pokedex glitch i am having.

It’s not a bug that you have 4. There’s 3 from the original storyline and then 1 more from when you catch Regigigas.

shouldn’t cause any glitches, you’ll just have an extra useless one

edit: jk didnt see rocket’s answer

so why is there 4 when only 3 pokemon can use them?