Crystal onix, valencian pokemon

Would it be great if these pokemon will be added in the game,

  1. all pokemon will have pink sprites when they eat pinkan berry regardless delta or not
  2. crystal onix
  3. pokemon alternate forms (for collection purposes) eg, flabebe, wormadan etc
  4. valencian pokemon
  5. unique floette AZ
  6. shadow pokemon (2nd typing will be changed to dark example bulbasaur grass dark) some
  7. more grottos please. :slight_smile:

What do you think?

1. No, to many sprites to recolor without an actual purpose.
2. Crystal Onix has been requested before, but after some thought declined by developers.
3. Alternate forms are probably coming in the next update. I don’t know if Flabébé will be in, as it is just a color change.
4. Just a color change, not gonna happen.
5. Probably not, or it will be an event.
6. Shadow Pokemon are in Zeta & Omnicron, there is a possibility they will come in Insurgence, but I doubt it will be in the main storyline.
7. Grottos will come in upcoming routes, but won’t be added in routes that already exist.

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when wwould be the forcasted update in pokemon insurgence?

There is not estimated time for the update to arrive. I will not try to guess any kind of timeframe, as only Suzerain knows more as we do.

Don’t take my word for it, but my estimate is early-late August. Just a guess though.

Thanks, I understand that it will also depend on how busy the developers are. They have life. :slight_smile:

Will Rowlet, Litten, Popplio Magearna be in insurgence in the future?

Gen 7 won’t be in insurgence.