Crystal Metagross Alternate Sprite

I suck at making sprites and such, but I also felt like the crystal metagross sprite was just missing something. I decided to do a rough version of what i feel like a crystal metagross would be (I.E. It has four arms and kinda has some details of mega metagross but I couldn’t add those details because I suck at this kind of stuff lol.


I also made an icon, I didn’t make a front sprite because i feel I couldn’t so anything with little details to improve it.


If anybody here is even slightly better than me at this stuff and feels like helping it would be greatly appreciated (I’m not begging, I’m just saying it would be cool to see something like this.). Me doing a sloppy job and all, I’m proud of this.

Also if this is in the wrong like place to post this, I’m sorry, this is my first ever time being here :stuck_out_tongue:


How about the shiny?

Wow epic

Kinda small details but nice

I’m also waiting for the back sprite.


how is this a small detail lmao

Oh lol sorry didn’t actually notice da arms ngl its epic

bruh stop necroing