Created a Mega/Alternate For my favorite Fakemon

Hi! I created a Mega or Alternate form for my favorite Fakemon Rayquomi!
This is a Dragon/Fire type and it use a held item called demon rock to change form (That is his ability)
There u go… Enjoy!

Yeah … I am still working on another one but till then here’s my Devil Boi!


Alright it looks like groudon recolor of rayquomi. The demon orb even looks like the red orb it uses to turn primal. Not going to lie it takes skill to draw it irl instead of pixel art making

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@Greninja_The_Rayquom why is rayquomi your favorite fakemon? i’ve never played empyrean but sometimes i appreactice the work of fakemon sprite making.

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First of all, Thank u!
Second Rayquomi is my favorite fakemon just coz it is! I really love its design and idk myself even why I just love it
Thank u once again!

(Also Yeah it kinda looks like a primal groudon but that wasnt the intention)

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That’s pretty epic ngl.

…my heart broke when she exploded ;-;
It was such a cool design.

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is that based on my demon recolor, it is very cool

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Thank u and yeah kinda also added new stuff but yeah it is based on ur recolor

cool, i like the drawing

Thx it is an alternate slash mega of it

I have also made another one rn which I will post soon

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i would have said that it should know a move to mega evolve like hel fire or demon strike or hades’s gate or something

or something with Tartarus cause i love greek mytho like tartarus asent