Create your own Elite Four!

Showcase their team, speciality, and even what you would want their battle theme to be!

Here’s mine


Specialization: Pokemon that can work in performances + Grass types


Mr. Rime Lv50 (dancing)

Ambipom Lv50 (juggling and also maybe dancing)

Fungferno Lv50 (Grass/Fire type fakemon based on fomes fomentarius, known as tinder fungus)

Swanna Lv50 (dancing)

Bloomerina Lv51 (Grass type ballerina fakemon)

Mega Roserade Lv52


Specialization: Ancient Pokemon + Rock types


Cradily Lv50 (fossil)

Mamoswine Lv50 (mammoth)

Conkeldurr Lv50 (has been around for at least 2,000 years)

Sauroquake Lv50 (Rock/Ground type fossil based on Astrodon, state dino of MD)

Toxicannon Lv51 (Rock/Poison type fossil based on Dilophosaurus, state dino of CT)

Mega Gigalith Lv52


Specialization: Pokemon that can be used in Sky Battles + Flying types


Atlantian Bronzong Lv50 (same typing as Sinnohian Bronzong, except it is made out of copper like the Liberty Bell)

Flygon Lv50

Atlantian Gogoat Lv50 (Dark/Flying type based on Jersey Devil)

Rotom (Wash) Lv50

Infernoriole Lv51 (Fire/Flying type regional bird based on Baltimore oriole)

Mega Corviknight Lv52


Specialization: Pokemon with high Attack, Sp.Atk, or Speed + Electric types


Swiftsail Lv50 (Water type fakemon based on sailfish and has high Attack and Speed)

Alakazam Lv50 (high Sp.Atk and Speed)

Amphibiolt Lv50 (Electric/Dragon type fakemon based on tiger salamander with high Sp.Atk and Speed)

Togekiss Lv50 (high Sp.Atk)

Galvadeer Lv51 (Electric type deer fakemon with high Speed)

Mega Eelektross Lv52 (high Attack)

Mr. Rime, Ambipom, Swanna, Cradily, Mamoswine, Conkeldurr, Flygon, Rotom, Alakazam, and Togekiss wouldn’t be available to the player, and are just there for team variety.

What I would want their battle theme to be:

This Elite Four would be pretty challenging, with held items and good movesets on all of their Pokemon, so it’s best to be prepared with a good team of six Pokemon!

Bonus: Guess what area of the world the region is based on?


honestly i would do a full fear team for the memes

Obviously the USA.

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giape about to make rampados team

Now that’s a good challenge. I’d want mine based around Rain and other Huge creatures, cause I equally love both. So, team would be:

Politoed, cause frogs are cute (politoed’s a frog right?) , Level 73

Rampardos, cause it’s Rampardos, level 80

Beartic, cause it’s a bear and does good in rain with swift swim, level 70

Kingdra, cause it’s badass and works well in rain, level 70

Barbaracle, recently I have been using it a lot as a shell smash sweeper in Showdown and lmao it’s sooo good in lower tiers, level 73

Barraskewda , cause it’s super badass and is amazing in Rain, level 75

Weird Level curves but idc kekw.

P.S: That’s the champion’s team

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Nah, I did add Rampardos though : )

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not even mono rock xD

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Not a huge fan of the rock type, i dont dislike it only because of one mon
(inside my mind: Senpai, please come here…) Lmaooo


Ooh this is cool. I’m not gonna do competitive shit cause everything goes wrong if I try, but I’ll keep it simple.

  1. Nyle - Water Type specialist from Kanto
    And his Mega Slowbro he got as his first catch when he was 9.

  2. Lane - Electric Type specialist from Johto
    And his Mega Ampharos he got for his 7th birthday

  3. Flora - Grass Type specialist from Galar
    And her G-Max Rillaboom she found injured when she was 4.

  4. Sandy - The Rock Type specialist from Hoenn
    Lycanroc Day
    And her mega Aggron she found during her first cave expedition when she was 11

And finally, we get to…the champion.

Drake - Fire Type specialist from ???
G-Max Centiskorch
Malicious Moonsalt Incineroar
And…his trusty Mega Typhlosion that he got after he washed up on the Sevii Islands with no memory at the age of 14.

Battle theme: Champion Theme - Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

i have not created a team yet but the members are Gaia, aqua, pyro, and aero, it is cheesy i know, i just wanted them to be based after the 4 elements.

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gaia team -

ttar, garchomp, excadrill, zyarde, landorus therian, primal groudon, it will be in a double battle format, i just wanted a radical red like op team

aqua team -
primal kyogre, mega garados, ash greninja(ofcorce i would put ash greninja), suicune, palkia.

maybe another team with volcanion, keldio, and mega swompert, urshifu replacing some of these mons

pyro team --mega char y/mega blaziken, heatran, enti, ho-oh, reshiram, victini/volcrona

aero team - lugia, ho-oh, mega rayquaza, salamence(it could also be normal ray and mega salamence is mega ray is too op), tornadus t, one of the galarian/normal kanto birds depending on mhich is best against your team

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if there are megas then mega ttar ig

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