Crashed Game

i really hope, that there is someone (probably anybody of developers) who could help me. I played Insurgence for a few times nad never encountered this problem, but there I am :D. I was just about to battle Anastasia, i talked to her, we went to the battle field and just like that game send the “script hanging” error, autosaved and crashed. When i try to launch the game again, i find myself in the same situation and after like ten seconds, the game instantly crashes again.
I tried backup saves, but for some reason, i dont have my three backup saves, like the game should automatically create, but only the broken one. So my only chance is, that somebody can actually do anything with my current broken save, where i cant do anything.
Do you think its possible to solve this problem, or the only sollution is to play new game?
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

It might be an issue with the game trying unsuccessfully to connect to the server, which can happen with major battles. Try disconnecting from Internet before starting the battle.

Thank you friend. It worked perfectly :slight_smile: