Cow538's Mini Mart

#Cow538’s Mini Mart

Trading Name: Cow538

Offer: The following twenty-two bred mons

Request: IV stones or shinies. See below for specifics.

Further info:


Pokemon Nature Ability Egg Moves Image Price
Froakie Timid Protean (HA) Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Toxic Spikes, Scald [details=image] [/details] 1 IV Stone
Torchic Adamant Speed Boost (HA) Baton Pass, Low Kick, Swords Dance [details=image] [/details] 1 IV Stone
Larvitar Jolly Guts Pursuit [details=image] [/details] 1 IV Stone
Abra Timid Magic Guard (HA) Encore, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Grass Knot [details=image] note: not necessarily 6IV[/details] 1 IV Stone
Swinub Jolly Thick Fat (HA) Icicle Crash, Ancient Power [details=image] [/details] 1 IV Stone
Skarmory Impish Sturdy Brave Bird, Whirlwind, Toxic, Roost [details=image] [/details] 2 IV Stones
Growlithe Jolly Intimidate Close Combat, Wild Charge, Morning Sun, Flare Blitz [details=image] [/details] 2 IV Stones
Girafarig Timid Sap Sipper (HA) Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang [details=image] [/details] 1 IV Stone
Honedge Sassy, 0 speed IV No Guard Gyro Ball, Toxic, Flash Cannon [details=image] [/details] 2 IV Stones
Charmander Adamant Blaze Outrage, Dragon Dance, Swords Dance [details=image] [/details] 1 IV Stones
Drilbur Jolly Mold Breaker (HA) Toxic, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Earthquake [details=image] [/details] 1 IV Stones
Eevee Timid Run Away Shadow Ball, Wish, Toxic [details=image] [/details] 1 IV Stones
Beldum Jolly/Adamant (you choose) Clear Body Take Down [details=image]coming[/details] 1 IV Stones
Krabby Adamant Hyper Cutter Knock Off, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, X-Scizzor [details=image]coming[/details] 2 IV Stones
Scyther Adamant Technician Roost, U-Turn [details=image]coming[/details] 1 IV Stones
Slowpoke Bold Regenerator (HA) Calm Mind, Psyshock, Ice Beam [details=image]coming[/details] 1 IV Stones
Houndour Timid Flash Fire Nasty Plot, Will-O-Wisp, Fire Blast, Dark Pulse [details=image]coming[/details] 1 IV Stones
Smeargle Adamant Own Tempo Sketch [details=image]coming[/details] 1 IV Stones
Snivy Timid Contrary (HA) Hidden Power (Fire), Sunny Day [details=image]coming[/details] 3 IV Stones
Gible Jolly Rough Skin (HA) Iron Head, Outrage, Fire Blast, Earthquake [details=image]coming[/details] 2 IV Stones
Ferroseed Relaxed, 0 speed IV Iron Barbs Leech Seed, Stealth Rock [details=image]coming[/details] 2 IV Stones
Marill Adamant Huge Power/td> Aqua Jet, Belly Drum, Superpower [details=image]coming[/details] 1 IV Stones


[details=How to get IV stones]Methods to get IV stones:

  1. The man with a green hat in a Roggan Town house will give you one IV stone for free.

  2. Smashing rocks found in various caves around Torren will yield approximately one IV stone per 114 rocks smashed.

  3. Using high-leveled Pokemon with the Pickup ability

  4. Sonata City’s Pokepon machine will yield approximately one IV stone per twelve rounds of Pokepon.

Pricing for shinies

One shiny -> four mons. If I like the shiny a lot, I will offer more mons.

Various notes
  • Working on more boxes of bred mons. If you want to suggest something for me to breed, feel free to in the comments below.
  • Will add EV training services later, possibly shiny hunting services. Stay tuned.
  • If I run out of a mon, I will rebreed it. Nothing will ever be out of stock.
Previous lottery

I am holding another lottery. The 1st prize winner will receive a Shiny, Adamant, Hidden Ability Gallade:
and 2nd prize winner will receive a Shiny Golden Octillery:
###How to enter:
One mon purchased at the shop = one entry to the lottery. Maximum of six entries per user. Mon can be from either box. Some people are automatically entered.

  1. A_Wild_Noob_Appeared
  2. Shurtugal
  3. r3n3gad3
  4. MassyLight10
  5. MassyLight10
  6. Yash
  7. MassyLight10
  8. MassyLight10
  9. MassyLight10
  10. MassyLight10
  11. Dechozen101
  12. SerenityFaithful
  13. SerenityFaithful
  14. SerenityFaithful
  15. Crazynut
  16. Cheese555
  17. Jaycee
  18. Jaycee
  19. Jaycee
  20. WaerlymEX
  21. WaerlymEX
  22. SerenityFaithful
  23. SerenityFaithful
  24. Shurtugal
  25. Shurtugal
  26. Shurtugal
  27. Shurtugal
  28. Shurtugal
  29. mrElmas
  30. DarkMystic
  31. mrElmas
  32. mrElmas
  33. mrElmas
  34. mrElmas
  35. Nilknarf
  36. devourallnapkins
  37. DarkMystic
  38. DarkMystic
  39. DarkMystic
  40. SerenityFaithful
  41. Nilknarf
  42. Nilknarf
  43. Nilknarf
  44. insaneguy1083
  45. WaerlymEX
  46. r3n3gad3
  47. WaerlymEX
  48. DarkMystic
  49. DarkMystic

Note that 50 entries isn’t guaranteed, if the thread starts dying I might just do the raffle there and then with whomever

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I’m doing the images right now.

Done with images.

Ill take an abra please

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Okay. Ready?

Yep go in 5 seconds

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Did it crash?

Scratch that game crashed

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F. Go whenever ready.

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Thanks, and enjoy the abra. I’ve entered you to the Lottery.

If you want to suggest something to add to the next box, feel free.

You know me I usually dont do breeding unless requested because some things can just be pain in the butt,knowing me I would request something thats a crazy breeding chain

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I’ll take a protean Froakie please. I’ll give you an IV Stone and one of the many Gibles I bred. I can’t do it now because I am in school, but I’m out after like 9 hours if you’re online then.

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Okay. I will likely be asleep when you’re out of school, so are you able to trade in twelve hours from this post?

I’ll take a protean froakie, speed boost torchic, blaze charmander, run away eevee, and mold breaking drilbur. I actually do not care a single bit about any of said pokemon, and will certainly box them, never to be used again. I am a simple man who wants a shiny.

You can only enter the lottery once. But now that you are contractually obligated to buy something, which mon would you like?

The speed boost torchic I guess

Okay. Ready? My trade name is: