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Could someone please trade me a Delta Bulbasaur?


Trading Name: FerrymanJ

Offer: Nidoran Male

Request: Delta Bulbasaur (Female, Gentle Nature)

Further info: I am free to trade almost any time


i can get you one, may be a little to get the nature you want but i can do it, and i don’t really want anything in return so don’t give me anything you would want.


Thanks, the nature doesn’t have to be exact, I’m just looking for a female delta bulbasaur :smile:


welp ive got 4 of them, wanna trade?


Yes. What’s your trade name?




also, it says your trading name doesn’t exist, why?


I’m not sure

Just get online and I’ll put in yours


wait, it should be FerrymanJ right?


Either that or Delta Charon


Well Delta Charon works
and for some reason it says you exited the trade


Errored out. But I’m back now


Thanks for the bulbasaur :slight_smile:


your welcome

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