Could someone please trade me a Delta Bulbasaur?

Trading Name: Awes0mePanda

Offer: Delta Pidgeot Lv. 47 (Female) (Willing to discuss if you do not like my offer!)

Request: Delta Bulbasaur (Any)

Further info:

I can trade you one. i dont need the delta. Do you have a larvesta?

Yes I have a Larvesta. Also could you please nickname your bulbasaur? (Preferable something after a flower) Sorry I just really like nicknaming Pokemon :slight_smile:

I can but i think you can nickname after you trade in this game

Btw do you have a gender or nature preference?

Oh okay. What is your trading name?

Ali786. I have to breed one tho. So you gotta wait like 15 mins.

I would prefer a female, but if you only have male then that’s fine. And any nature is fine.

Ok ill try getting you a female

Thank you! Reply to me once you bred it :smiley:

I would be fine with a male as well, since females are harder to get

Just got it. The lady at the day care was being a pain haha. Btw, i have a Bulbasaur of my own, do u mind trading it to me back so it can get boosted exp?

Edit: I cant post anymore due to me being new but you can keep the female one, im gonna send you a male one, just trade me back him

Edit 2: When you are ready to trade send me a reply

Edit 3: My bad i just encountered a wild suicune. Ill message you when to send me the request

Edit 4: Ok dude let’s finally trade

Sure! I will send you a trade request on Pokemon insurgence

Do you want to do the trade and trade back so your bulbasaur can get an exp boost now?

Okay. Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see the edit. I will request a trade in a few minutes, I got into a trainer battle

Sorry that took so long! I was battling an Audino trainer. Okay ill send the trade request now

I’m ready to trade

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