Could someone please borrow me a fairy type TM?

Trading Name: MoyMoy

Offer: I want to evolve my starter Vee into a Sylveon, but I accidentaly deleted their Baby Doll Eyes move, so they will evolve into an Umbreon now (cause I only took a thunderstone for my Pikachu)

Request: A fairy TM

Further info: I WILL give the TM back, I pinkie promise.

Hey, I don’t believe it is possible to trade TM’s, but what I could do is trade you an eevee that knows Baby Doll Eyes. I know it wouldn’t be exactly the same, so otherwise there is a move relearner but I don’t believe you have access to him until you get a Secret Base in Metchi Town. Also otherwise, it looks like it can learn Charm at lvl 29.

-best wishes

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Ohhh okay!! I can just cancel the evolution until Charm I suppose, they’re at lvl. 21 now. Thank you for your offer tho!!

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