Cooperation of Pokemon Insurgence and Pokemon Reborn

I’ve been playing both games for a long time since they were released.

For Pokemon Insurgence, it has very nice appearance and a fair gameplay. This game is close to original game although it has some unique features, pokemons …

For Pokemon Reborn, it has the first and second generation of appearance. This is acceptable however if we compare with the current official Pokemon release, I think most players will prefer modern appearance. This game has many many unique features, along with a very very good gameplay and story … This is the hardest Pokemon game ever.

I wonder if master Thesuzerain (Zeta, Omicron, Insurgence) and master Amethyst (Reborn) would work together to make a perfect Pokemon game for everyone.

Since I played Pokemon Zeta, I have no longer played original games =)) R.I.P. Nintendo, Gamefreak.

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that’s most likely not gonna happen. Although they might be able to make a decent game, the issue lies in that Suze and the rest of the dev team (excluding me, cus Epsilon) will probably be moving on to Indie game development after the completion of Pokemon Insurgence. That, and the way their stories and characters are designed are very different from one another, so the overall product would either be a perfect blend of both, or a complete mess, depending on how well the two ideals work together