Really short, really quick. How do I play this game with my Xbox controller ?

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Get a program? Pretty much there is some, like JoyToKey etc.

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mate, you are amazing !

Pls help. I tried to use JoyToKey and Xpadder, but neither worked for Insurgence. Other programs were able to read the inputs no problem but for some reason Insurgence could not. PLSSSSS HALP

What’s the error?
Also, try running it as Admin and on XP compatibility.

Ducky, are you using the launcher? My JoyToKey only works when I open the game directly using the .exe file. If I use the launcher to open it, JoyToKey won’t work at all.

I was using the launcher. I’ll see if the other way works. Thanks


I would like to know, do you intend to make it possible without joyToKey ? It would be nice and faster for players.