Contradictions between game and Wiki

So I’ve found a few things that I’d like to point out so they can be fixed by anyone who works on the Wiki page (on a side note I love you people). Please add to the list to help the Wiki people with a concise list that would be easy to fix, or for the Devs to fix if it’s an error on their side.

  1. Dragonair can be found in the Friend Safari (asdf or Natsu) but the Wiki says only through leveling up dratini from game center.

  2. Dratini’s Pokedex says it can be found in Suntouched and Route 1. I’m not sure if this is true but it contradicts the Wiki

You do understand that you can easily fix the wiki yourself right? Wikis are a community project.

I’ve never edited a wiki before but i guess I can look it up. @Deukhoofd so is dratini supposed to be able to be found in those locations?

I’m assuming it requires the use of the Super Rod in order to find it in those locations, which is why it isn’t listed on the wiki since the Super Rod isn’t available yet. For reference, the wiki used to list Super Rod encounters as well which resulted in a rather large amount of people posting questions on Reddit on how to get the Super Rod, which is why I’ve tried to remove most if not all Super Rod encounters from the wiki at least until the Super Rod is released to the public.