Continuing trade but ran into some errors

Trading Name: 1ron

Offer: see below

Request: see below

Further info: so I hit the max amount of replies for a new user when trading with thePotato and decided to just make a new thread to contribute the trade. For thePotato: sry I can’t do the trade right now but Tom Moore works for me around 3 ish

Currently it is 6:04 pm were I am. If it doesn’t matter to you, I would like my roserade back. Also I don’t think I got your larvesta, but I’m not sure, we might of accidentally cloned mgy roserade. So yeah I do need you to send over another larvesta. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
Also how do I dm you?

Ah I see, that’s totally fine. Next time you can also dm me :))
Also what time is it for you now (like what time zone are you in)? and did you get the larvesta or do I need to send another one over?

When you get on, lmk if you want your roserade back or this roselia. I can also evolve the roselia if you want :))

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