[Contains Spoilers for 1.1.7] Questions that are unanswered right now

So, I´m on the Insurgence theorycraft hype, and i want to share my thoughts.(sorry for any bad english, im portuguese :stuck_out_tongue: )

The first thing that comes up in my mind, is the fact that we didnt get killed in the darkrai cult. It seems weird that they would first wipe our memories and then kill us. Unless… they tried to kill someone and that didnt really work . Who is that person? Our father /older brother ,the first augur of the torren region. Jaern is ,by now, known as a big lier and one of those lies is that he killed the first augur. Imagine this, would a mortal person with 6 pokemon able to defeat almost all the cults in a region? The answer is no. And i honestly think the protagonist and the first augur are kinda immortal and it actually makes sense that Jaern would want our memories wiped, and obviously he says that we did a lot to him in the past because he tried to kill us.

Who is the benefactor then? Honestly , it seems that the first augur, in his “after death status” wants to help his child to do what he couldnt . With the help of is hoopa he brought us the mew and all the notes .

Who is the betrayer between Nora, Damian and the protoganist ? Probably damian , after the incident with the gym leader`s dad, Damian is frustrated and out of his mind and after all the “bullying” he suffered, he is going to look for revenge.

Most likely, all this isnt true. I accept that and honestly congrats to suzerain on building one of the more dense stories in a pokemon fan game , rivalling the main story games or even surpassing it. I would love to have feedback and help on answering all this questions or even proposing new ones that i didnt cover .

Yeah see I have questions aswell like: Damian’s mom is the abyssal cult’s leader…The prophet says that someone will join the infernal cult…Then a guy with hoopa is the next augur…Then after you finish the library quest and go on the path a Darkrai cult member appears and tell you information…The suspense sure builds up, mybad if I added in some false things I haven’t played insurgence since I beat it so.

what if Damian joins the infernal cult unknowingly while controlled by the pokerus virus

There are some unreleased sprites in the graphics folder I found interesting.

I would assume that those sprites are for events that are planned to occur soon after the Dragon Ruins. Several towns have passed since either event, which means it is reasonable to assume that they will emerge again.
After the first encounter with the Abyssal Cult, 2 more towns significant to the plot passed before you encounter them again. After that, 1 more town passes before you encounter them.
After the first encounter with the Infernal Cult, 3 more towns significant to the plot passed before you encounter them again. Following this trend, we can expect them to come again soon. However, no sprites of you, Damian, or Nora in the Infernal Cult are there.

My personal theory is that Nora joins the Infernal Cult. Right now, she doesn’t have much of a role in the story. Besides being chosen by Celebi and being around the player, nothing much happens.

I dont see Nora being the betrayer, it makes sense that Damian with the virus and all his frustation is the one that joins the infernal cult ( and he even has a sprite where is batles us in that form) . I see Nora as the typical girl character in a pokemon game, she is most likely the one that is going to turn Damian into normal with tesseract powers.

Something you forgot, and everyone forgot, is this scene - http://imgur.com/gallery/duGRF I gave it some thought, and when he said the shards will return to us, he was definitely talking about the first augur’s crystal, but involving the return to the mirror, I think that’s related to the distortion world. He definitely looks like he would be some sort of Giratina cultist. But, while I don’t have a screenshot of this, if you remember the scene when Persephone and the first Augur were talking on the hillside, he said he was investigating the crystals origin, and that there might have been a “conspiracy bigger then what the torren region could imagine” (something along those lines) I think that the first Augur, struck a deal with these people, The Giratina cult (imma call em the mirror cult), and they gave him the crystal. And for the last part, while I think this is stretching it, if they want the shards back, why? I think that the First Augur is potentially with this cult right now, and that you are in fact, NOT the first augur (too obvious in my opinion). CRITICIZE ME

The main character is impossible to be the first augur, because the first augur is described as an “he” so if someone chose a female character the story wouldnt really work .

The giratina cult was something i wanted to talk about but there is really not that much information about it. The crystal situation was very well hidden in the story by suzerain and leaves us with alot of questions that , at the moment , can not be answered.

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Why doesnt suze or deukhoofd help us? :frowning: at least give us a hint guys so we can start speculating, its really hard to try figuring something out with the lack of information in the last couple of months

You have an entire half of the game to speculate out, stop your complaining, and either speculate with what you have or be patient and wait till the game gets released.

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Not really complaining, just excited . No need to react like that tbh

There’s enough info to speculate about a bunch of topics, so there’s really no need for any more info. (And yes, you are complaining).

Definitely. There’s a literal ton of things to draw theories about, and no spoilers makes playing the rest of the game and being surprised all the more fun! Theorizing is TOTALLY possible with what we’ve got/without distracting the already super busy and super awesome devs.

((also, remember, the next gym leader could also be the traitor (though idk how considering WATER theme) and no character has a Victini. Personally like 99% of my efforts are going towards figuring out who the champion is, knowing that the champion is usually re-playable means they likely live through this mess, so…there’s that))