Completely Closed

Completely Closed

Also i haven’t claimed any mega stones in this game except Delta Charizardite, so if you want 2 of the other mega stones tell me where they are and i will chuck them in (Except the johto starter mega stones)

I had to pay 12 iv stones and two shinies for my shiny sceptile…

wow. TWO shinies and a fortune? why so much?

@DeltaDragon no ones interested in any available mega stones besides the 7 starters, and to get the other 6 requires starting 6 new games.

It had a good nature and I needed to pay that much to win a bidding war

and I thought the 30 stone aerodactyl was bad.

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both of them things were to me XD im so lucky hahahah

Oh well i didn’t know that shiny treecko costed so much so its closed until i get more iv stone :frowning:

Woah man, what shinies do you have? I might want some of em

I can get you an eevite and 10 iv stones for treecko

Sorry my saves are full :frowning: I have my randomizer and my other 2 characters so i would but i cant. I guess you can just take cows offer :frowning:

OK! thanks so much!

I thought we were finishing ours up?