[COMPLETED]Trading Shiny Skrelp

Trading Name: Unclepops

Offer: Shiny Skrelp

Request: Shinies

Further info: Not accepting non shiny bred mons, iv stones etc so don’t bother asking

I got you fam if you want shiny simisear lol

offer the delibird


im not taking the simisear and shut up cow XD


He’s going all in

oh wow XD

I mean you want it dont you

no, not really

Most ive got just accept bro

either sylveon or metang plz. would take grimer but i would just retrade it

Can I…can I have pls? :grin:

can I buy the delta ralts shiny please? I’ve got shiny ninetales and some iv stones I can also offer 6IV adamnt larvitars and/or 6iv protean froakies w/ ice beam, toxic spikes, grass knot, substitute.

Nah its not worth it Meow

Are you talking to me?

please? Gardevoir is my favorite pokemon and the delta version is better, so please?

Well his is male… and unless you’re interested in male gardevoirs then idk

Wll idc about nature, just want a shiny d gardy… so yeah

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