[Complete] Shiny Sudowoodo

Trading Name: obagz

Offer: Shiny Male Sudowoodo (Docile Nature)

Request: I’d be interested in trading this for a couple of competitive Pokemon that are bred with egg moves (for instance, Riolu with Bullet Punch and Low Kick) and good IVs (don’t have to be 6) and natures. I’m also willing to entertain other interesting offers if you think you’ve got something I’d be interested in!

Further info: This is a really bad Sudowoodo. It’s shiny, but its IVs are bad, its nature is bad (Docile, lol) and it doesn’t even have Sturdy (it has Rock Head). I’m well aware that this isn’t going to net me anything spectacular, and I don’t really want it myself, so if someone else does, I’d be more than willing to trade.

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http://imgur.com/a/4JlBY here are a couple of the pokemon i have bread can give a 6iv aron and 5 iv of all the others

I can offer a protean greninja with icebeam, clauncher with flash cannon, gastly with sludge bomb. all with 5ivs. nature of your choice

Would you be interested in something from here? Sleepy's Shop v2.0

Hey Sleepy, sorry for replying so late, I’ve been out of town the last couple of days. If you’re still interested in trading, I’d love an Adamant Rock Head Bagon and an Adamant Technician Scyther! Just let me know if you’re still interested, I’m available all day to trade, so I can just hop and Discord when you’re ready!

if you didn´t traded yet i can offer the same pokemons and 2 iv stone

It’s all right. Yeah, I’m still interested.

Okay, 5 IV ones coming up. I’ll let you know when they are ready(within an hour).

Sounds good, I’ll see you in the discord general chat!

Hey, sorry man, I contacted Sleepy earlier today and I would feel terrible about backing out of a deal. I’m still searching for Ralts at the moment, so if I find another Shiny Sudowoodo, I’ll definitely let you know.

They’re ready. http://imgur.com/a/yuowe

I’m on discord now.

Edit: trade complete.