[Complete] Shiny purugly for purrlion

Trading Name: Biggirl4U, DeMeDos

Offer: shiny purugly lv.50

Request: 5-6iv prankster purrlion adamant Egg moves: encore Held item: iv stone if you can, not necessary

Further info: biggirl4u is not my main file, but that’s where I found the purugly. So give me some shitmon for the purugly and then I’ll log in with DeMeDos and you give the purloin.

Also post a screenshot so I can see the purloin stats. Thanks!

I’ve got a purrlion with adamanta nature, prankster ability anda 5 iv’s, def iv is 31.

i can give you such purrloin, and also i will give 2 more pokemon with hidden power (30/31 IVs), detail is here FT : Hidden Power & Egg Move Shop … choose two from there if u are interested

Sure! I’d like a modest 5iv goomy too if you have the time. The hidden power pokes are not nessecary. I really just want the purrlion, make sure it has encore though. You want to do the trade 10pm CST?

so a hour from now?? what ability of goomy u want?

Modest, please. Right now its 7:30pm Central standard time , I can do 9pm CST, an hour and a half from now. Or 10pm CST, 2 and a half hours from now. Whatever is better for you.


i mean its ability, sry

sap sipper, if that’s not possible, gooey is OK too

all right, ready when you are. So first i’ll give my purugly and you give some trashmon. and then i’ll switch to my other file and you give the purlion and goomy

sorry, not yet, still trying to get the 5iv

sure. whenever you’re ready

are they ready? i’ve got to sleep in half an hour. If you can’t get them by a half hour, we can trade tomorrow.

are you still on?


ok its ready, my trading name is 10shiro

cool, i’m using BigGirl4U to give u the purugly, and DeMeDos for u to give me the 2 mons :smile:

ok im ready, on ur go

lets go

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yeah, trying again