Complete main story

Hey guys I am new here but I was playing insurgence for a while and I am at the dragon ruins and the suspense is killing me can someone please tell me the history of the player like who was he. Before his memory got wiped. I really want to know so please tell me. Or is it still undiscovered

I want someone to post the whole main story here as i tried to find out using the wiki but someone hasnt filled it out yet

You are the son of the First Augur, Adam, who thanks to Persephone, is stuck in the dream realm. Your memory was wiped, but your battling expertise is intact. Eventually, you become the 3rd augur and outshine 'ol pops.

thank you so much for this bro but like can you actually have time to narrate the story I know it will take time but like just type it out what happens after dragon ruins ?

Sure. I’ll need a bit to type it all out.

thanks again

After defeating Taen, the perfection cultist, at dragon ruins, you head East, towards Oranos Town. There, you find Zenith, the leader of the Abyssal Cult. He is apparently the leader and guide of the town and is giving vaccines to people as a result of the pokerus Outbrake caused by Malde, Harmony’s dad. You enter the main building to find out Zenith is also taking DNA samples to brainwash people. After defeating a mind controlled woman, you head out to Amphrite city. There, you meet Calreath, Diana’s boyfriend. He’s on your side and plans on helping you out. After heading south into the cave in the city, you meet the ghost of the late King Veresyn. You find mew at the end of the cave and battle. After leaving, the king tells you about the Timeless, the guardians of Torren and shows you his partner, a Victini. You head back to Amphrite and battle Calreath in his gym, but after going out, it appears Zenith is telling his mind controlled mob to bring you to Zenith. Once again, you flee Eastward, to Mount Rose. You’re met with a Checkpoint that is owned by the Infernal Cult. You find Taen there coincidentally who says he may help you out after making a deal. You return to the Perfection base with him and bargain a sample of Mew’s DNA in return for help getting up Mount Rose. Reukra uses the DNA to clone mew and create Mewtwo, and decides to have Taen test it in a fight with you. (I’m gonna leave off here and work on the summary more later)

I see thanks