[Complete] Looking for Adamant/Jolly D. Pawniard/Bisharp

Trading Name: WarHaxorus551 Offer: Shiny Snubbull Request: Adamant/Jolly D. Pawniard/Bisharp Further info: Not on Discord. Please do in comments. First post :smile:

I will trade an adamant D pawniard for the shiny snubbull

Sure! When will you be on?

im on right now and should be almost all of tommarow

You on right now?

I am now just woke up

Oh noes. Are you on now?

If you have sream just add me on there my steam name is “area 52 stances” will be able to catch each other easier on there since you probably wont see this untill we are both not on

Alright we can trade now :smile:, right? I have my shiny Snubbull ready.

Let me go turn on my computer

In the meantime, I need to catch my Thunderus.

Ok well im ready my trade name is stances no caps

Just typed in your name…with a black screen

Because i dont have your trade name yet

Woops sorry. WarHaxorus551. With caps.

Ok go ahead and go now then

You ready? I have your name typed in

Cool got it ty

Thanks to you too. Have a nice day!