[Complete] Could anyone drop me a Pokerus spreader real quick?

Trading Name: Nittan

Offer: Perhaps consider me a charity case? LOL. Realistically I hope you’ll accept something junky in return and I’ll owe you a solid in future.

Request: Any junk Pokerus-active mon.

Would appreciate your trouble so I can get started on the post-game grind!

Sure, what trashmon do you have? Btw, 95% of the people usually offer pokerus for free :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, is this your first time trading or have you traded before?

I’ll toss you a bunnelby or something :B

Aye it’s my first time trading on Insurgence, but I’m familiar with the process. Will Discord work or?

A bunnelby is fine. Sure, discord would be perfect. I’ll be online for the next hour on discord. Are you free to trade now?

Yeah I’m free now! Drop me a discord link?

you missed this :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: trade complete