[Complete] Charmander Male Timid/Modest

Trading Name: silent4panda

Offer: IV stones

Request: a Male Charmander with 5 IVs and Adamant Nature, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw? (duno possible or not)

Further info:sorry, first time trading. dont know how many IV i can get. Please negotiate with me if its unfair

How many IV Stones? I have 3 male Charmanders with 5IV. I can trade in 10 hours.


I only have 1 now. How much is Charmander worth?

it depends on the charmander i can breed you a timid or modest for 1 iv stone its okay since it dont have any egg moves do you need 6 ivs ? it will worth 2 lol with egg moves it will worth 3 i think at most

5 ivs is easier to get

can you get 1 more ill give you an ev trained with 6 ivs with modest or timid for 2 iv stones

Ahh damn…ill try to farm 1 more IV stones. will tell u once i get it. hopefully i can get 3 though xD

so will you accept a modest 6 iv charmander ? ican ev train it in 2 stat if you want also the egg moves for insurgence charmander is pretty much useless since we dont have mega charizard x you can have charizard y tho if you need to max 2 evs just tell me kay ? ill max it

if you want i can just breed a charmander for 5iv quick or 6iv if lucky for 1 iv stone

1 iv stone is okay but i will need 2 for ev trained one

hmm, what if i want dragon dance too? how much will it cost?

hmm, if 5 iv + dragon dance, how much will it cost?

have a pokemon i can breed it onto it with without any additional effert really

no 6 ivs ? idk it will take longer for me since i dont have a dd ready parent if youre okay with time i can do it maybe half hour ?

Charmander for 5iv (atk, hp, speed << priority), Adamant Nature, Dragon Dance. can i pay that for 1 IV stone?


stances does move get inherited through female or it have to be from the male ? idk how insurgence breeding works

male pass down TM moves and both can pass egg moves and i think female can sometimes pass tm moves in some conditions

will have dragon dance rockslide dragon rush and dragon claw if it works out right here

I created a new acc cuz my other account cant reply anymore. Erm so Adamant, 5 iv (excluding SpA), Dragon dance + claw priority right? my id in pokemon is silent4panda