Competitive Delta

Best Delta Volcarona, Hydreigon, Haxorus, and Metagross (Spider) sets?

Metagross (Spider): either

  • Poison Heal + Toxic Orb. U-turn and Sticky Web are mandatory I think, and then the last 3 can be 2 of EQ, Toxic Spikes, and Stealth Rock (probably stick to 2 hazards though since you won’t be able to set up all 3) with max HP and the rest into Defense with an Impish nature (probably take some EVs out of Defense and put them into Speed to creep but impossible to say what the right benchmark is yet), or
  • Mega Delta Metagross (Spider) to set up hazards vs Magic Bounce Pokemon, with the moves Sticky Web, Earthquake, U-turn, and Smack Down/Gunk Shot as the last slot. Max HP and max Speed, Jolly nature.

Delta Volcarona: either Life Orb, Choice Scarf, or Choice Specs. Levitate with max Special Attack and Speed, Timid nature. Looking at Poison/Dark resists, I think Earth Power is the best coverage, and the 4th move can honestly be whatever your team needs most as coverage. Fire Blast, Aura Sphere, Thunderbolt, and even Surf are all potential options.

I don’t know Delta Hydreigon’s or Delta Haxorus’s learnsets so can’t comment.

Totally agree with the above suggestions. Just as a sidenote, Delta Volcarona can also use its armor. You’d probably go for a slower (still some creep in there) all-out attacker with some HP for bulk. You could also sacrifice a coverage move for Tailwind to have a fast, powerful, bulky monster with no weaknesses (aside from Smack Down, Gravity, etc. and Mold Breaker).

I actually prefer a wall-ish delata volcarona but it doesn’t know much to wall . It get’s spacial rend, hyperspace hole, aura sphere when evolved, nothing great else by level. hydriegon doesn’t have much on him but his intoxicate ability is interesting with which it learns tri-attack and hyper voice. Nothing else to great except earthpower . haxorus was a part of my team and he learns quite some good moves. he has that biting ability and heavy metal as the second one. For the biting one, he has ice fang, crunch and stuff + I believe he already have it on him when met. It learns the heavy crash or whatever steel type move which scales with weight to match with it’s 2nd ability. He doesn’t get waterfall but atleast can learn aqua tail. metagross(spider) knows a wide variety of moves as well. The ones mine knows are earthquake, x-scizzor, poison jab and toxic, It learns gunk shot as well. (I have not included tm/hm moves.)

Ok, so how about delta snorlax?

It can act pretty much like normal Snorlax with a Bulk Up set. However, it does have a notable advantage in that it has Synthesis.