Competitive Crawdaunts giveaway

Hey guys, i’m Civril, a pokemon breeder and today i felt like sharing some of my babies with you, i’m giving away 2 competitive Crawdaunts, just leave a comment if you want one, the first 2 to ask will get one each, here they are:

Trading Name: Civril

Offer: Crawdaunt 5IVs Jolly nature, adaptability.

Request: Anything

Further info: They need to be EV trained tho.

May I have one? ^^

Sure, are you on right now?

Yeah, give me a second.

Hey, are you still here? My tradename is KiritoXSword, and yours?

Civril, and yes, i’m on.

On your go ^^

Go then :smiley:

Thank you very much :smiley:

No problem, just remember to EV train it.

Yeah, don’t worry about that, have a nice day ^^

@Civril still available?

Yes, if you want it, it’s all yours.

sure…let me log in first…

Sure, what’s your trade name?


Civril, on your go.

ok go…

@Civril TYSM!!

Ok done, hope you enjoy it, remember to EV train it, i think i’ll be doing more competitive mons giveaways in the following days so stay tuned ^^

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