Clutch Vipik City Gym Win?!

Mega Beedrill got my only remaining Pokemon, Delta Charizard, to a few HP. I thought I was going to die (oh sry. “faint,” “blackout,”), and I just clicked Confuse Ray and confused Mega Beedrill, gave mah Charizard some water (he just loves it), and watched the sweep go. At 25 HP and poisoned, Tentacruel used Muddy Water, which luckily missed. Win? Nope, I need a steel Pokemon

Fortunately, Secret Base and Friend Safari are already unlocked before Vipik City so nearly every type of Pokemon can be obtained.

Steel seems a good choice, but you should remember his M.Beedril has Drill Run

Skarmory; Steel/Flying; available in safari

Good job on your clutch win but i didn’t do it like that , i switched my items around to make my delta charizard powerful enough to be able to kill shuckle and haunter easily then spammed super potions on beedrill till it fainted , my delta charizard was low so i sent out ColdHeart aka my male delta gardevoir, and lowere heracross and tentacruel so i can take them down with charizard the one shot froagunk.

Best gym win of my life

And btw who agrees that vipik city gym is the whitney of pokemon insurgence ?

Cool story but this is a five month old post please don’t revive dead posts next time