Trading Name: darkliar

Offer:Shiny Larvesta

Request: Offer any other shiny Pokemon

Further info: Maybe A Shiny Luxray will do

Do you like panpour? :v not many people do but it’s unique :smiley: I have a shiny one I can trade for the larvesta

If you want can offer a shiny calm nature geodude and shiny modest zangoose

I have a shiny boldore. 5 iv a bunch of 5 iv pokemon and a bunch of iv stones.

Do you mean those 2 shiny for mine?

what is the nature of boldore?

sorry but panpour dont interest me that much

yes the 2

On second thought I just saw the larvesta’s nature thanks anyway.

So its a DEAL Maybe we can trade after 1-2 hours I will be on Discord

Ok well i wont be around for like another 6 or 7 hours from this post

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